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Your Health. Your Choice.

LyfeVault® VISA®

The LyfeVault® VISA® Debit card is a “smart card” for LyfeBank customers.  It has intelligence built in to define which of your purchases at the retail and medical provider outlets are approved medical expenses.  If the product or service is an approved medical expense LyfeBank customers get the benefit of making their purchases with pre-tax contributions.
The LyfeVault VISA debit cards are loaded with fully vested employer health benefit contributions.  LyfeBank customers can then choose when and where they want to spend their eligible funds. How the funds are used on medically approved items is at the direction of the LyfeBank member. The LyfeBank program is not a use it or loose it program.  Funds can be banked for future use or spent on demand as needed.  Your LyfeVault VISA Debit card is owned by you the member, so it’s portable job to job.

The LyfeVault VISA Debit card can be used locally or where ever in the nation your medical needs take place.